3 Easy Ways to Book an After Hours Doctor & Home Doctor Service


We service Hervey Bay and the Wide Bay area. Use the post code tool to check if our doctors come to your suburb after hours. We Bulk Bill and our doctors come to you.

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House Call Doctor Hervey Bay

The beautiful coastal region of Hervey Bay has a growing population with an increasing need for reliable after hours doctors. This is why House Call Doctor has highly-trained doctors making house calls across the region. Not only will you receive medical treatment after hours, but it is bulk billed.

If you are ill or if you have injured yourself after hours, simply call us on 13 55 66 and we will get one of our after hours GPs to your home in no time. Whether you are a Hervey Bay resident or a holiday maker, as long as you live in or around the Hervey Bay area we can come to you. Make sure you have a Medicare or DVA card on hand and the service will be bulk billed. You will no longer need to head to the emergency department at the Hervey Bay Hospital after hours to receive treatment for a non-life-threatening condition with our home doctor service. We always have doctors available near you read for a call out to your home.

Wherever you are located in Queensland, House Call Doctor will treat you with after hours GP’s available in more locations across the state than any other home doctor service.

If you would like to book an appointment with our home doctor service, give us a call during the below consultation hours to receive treatment asap in the comfort of your home. We are open late, on weekends and public holidays.


After Hours Doctor Appointment and Consulting

Need a doctor to your door? Our after hours GPs are available during the following consultation hours:

Monday to Friday: 6pm to 8am (Bookings from 6pm)
Saturday: from 12pm through to Sunday (Bookings from 12pm)
Sunday all day and Public holidays, 24 hours

Why Choose House Call Doctor Hervey Bay

Feel Better Sooner

Look no further than House Call Doctor for highly trained and qualified GP’s who will visit you at your home after hours and get you feeling better sooner. Not only does our service take the hassle out of receiving treatment, but it is also available at no cost to you. House Call Doctor aims to provide Hervey Bay with a leading home doctor service with positive clinical outcomes and patient experience. Our professional standards are high and you can always expect high-quality consultation.

Why Use a Home Doctor

You never know when you may require medical assistance for illness or injury. If you fall ill at night, on a weekend or on a public holiday, just call House Call Doctor and medical assistance will be on its way in no time. This service is especially necessary if your regular clinic is closed and your condition is not severe enough to head to the Hervey Bay Hospital emergency department for treatment.

Home doctor services are also vital for patients who require regular treatment for their condition. When treatment is needed outside of a regular GP’s business hours, House Call Doctor is here to fill that gap and provide treatment to these high needs patients. Our doctors even provide your regular GP with a report the following business day detailing the treatment provided. Whatever your situation is that has left you feeling under the weather, our after hours GP’s are here to help.

Locations we Service in Hervey Bay

Our leading after hours doctor service is available right across Hervey Bay. Whether you are along the waterfront at Point Vernon or Urgangan, or in the fringes of Hervey Bay in Sunshine Acres or Toogoom, our doctors can reach you.

Not sure if our services are available in your area? Enter your suburb or postcode in the ‘find out if we service your area’ section at the top of the page. You will receive a response instantly advising if our doctor’s area available in your area. You can also call our call centre on 13 55 66 to confirm our service area.

Doctors You Can Trust

Our Hervey Bay after hours GP’s are always friendly and respectful with full qualifications, training and experience. With our medical deputising service being accredited by the Federal Department of Health under the AMDS program, you can trust that our doctors will provide the very best medical service.

The Types of Conditions our After Hours GP’s Treat

Non-life threatening category 4 or 5 conditions can be treated by our doctors. The conditions we treat include:

  • Cold and Flu Symptoms
  • Trauma that may require stitches
  • General Illness
  • Minor Lacerations
  • Animal Bites
  • Severe Pain

If postoperative care is needed, this can be provided by House Call Doctor. Or doctors also offer treatment for wounds and can perform catheterisation. If your regular home doctor needs to monitor your condition, we can provide that treatment you need after hours and give your regular GP a report advising of the treatment we administered.

Back in the good old days, having a doctor visit you at your home was a regular high-quality service that anyone could have access to and now House Call Doctor has brought it back to the people of Queensland. Everyone across Hervey Bay who has access to this service receives many benefits including:

Bulk Billed

Our after hours doctor service is bulk billed as long as you have a Medicare or DVA card.

The Comfort of Your Own Home

No need to leave your house to receive treatment. Stay in the comfort of your own home or your hotel room if you are a visitor to Hervey Bay, and one of our doctors will come to you.

Avoid Hospital Waiting Rooms

House Call Doctor is vital in helping to reduce the strain of the Hervey Bay Hospital Emergency Department. Anyone with non-life-threatening conditions can now call us for treatment rather than clog up hospital waiting rooms. Patients also do not need to risk their health any longer by sitting in hospital waiting rooms after hours, surrounded by other ill people who are spreading germs.

Service You Can Trust

House Call Doctor provides one of the most reliable after hours medical services available. Save the hassle of looking for a clinic that is open after hours and receive a doctor to your door instead. You can relax at home and wait for your home doctor to arrive with the treatment you need.

Quick Medical Assistance

Our doctors will be on their way within 3 hours of your call in most cases. You will also be updated by our calls team on when you can expect a doctor to arrive at your residence.

Booking an appointment in Hervey Bay with House Call Doctor is so easy. Just call us on 13 55 66 within our consultation hours and our professional calls team will pass your information to the doctor. Our home doctor will then be dispatched with a chaperone within 3 hours of your call. 90% of patients receive treatment within this 3 hour period, however, please be aware that If your call is during a peak period, the wait time may be a little longer.

Stay informed during the wait time thanks to our calls team, home doctor or chaperone providing you with updates on when you can expect the doctor to arrive. You will also receive confirmation when the doctor has arrived at your door.

We also give priority to urgent needs patients. This often includes small children and the elderly. If your condition worsens as you wait for your doctor to arrive, make sure you update us on your condition. If your condition becomes life-threatening, call emergency services on 000 for an ambulance to reach you quickly.

Once the doctor and chaperone has arrived, your doctor will provide treatment for your condition. This may also include issuing medication to sustain you until a prescription can be obtained or until you can see your regular GP. After our doctor has done what they can to help you feel better, they will send a treatment report to your regular GP on the following business day.

If you are a doctor in Hervey Bay seeking employment after hours, contact House Call Doctor today! Both full-time and part-time doctors are welcome to apply. Because the need for this home doctor service is continuing to grow in Hervey Bay, we are always seeking doctors to join the team and keep up with the growing demand.

Whether you are an Australian trained doctor or an International Medical Graduate, or if you work in General Practice or in a State Government Health Department, we have opportunities available for you.

If you need more information Click here to for further details on what you can expect if you decide to join the House Call Doctor team. If you are a qualified doctor in Hervey Bay and you are interested in this employment opportunity, please apply here to enquire about joining our growing

Contact Us for More Information or to Book an Appointment

No need to put up with the hurt and pain any longer with our after hours doctors in Hervey Bay who are willing and able to treat you. Our doctors will come to your home or wherever you are staying outside of business hours, on weekends and public holidays to give you treatment and help you feel better sooner.

Book our home doctor service by calling 13 55 66 during our consultation hours. We also recommend that you request a fridge magnet so you always have our contact details at hand when you need it.

If you are hurt or feeling ill after hours in Hervey Bay, don’t hesitate to give us a call at House Call Doctor!