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Need an after-hours Doctor in Mackay. Our service is now available. Use the suburb finder tool to check that we service your area and call 135566 to book a home doctor.

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Mackay residents and visitors deserve quality medical services, and having access to a home doctor service is vital. If you hurt yourself or fall ill after hours in Mackay, call out one of our House Call Doctors to get an after hours GP to your door.

When you call us to receive a home doctor to your door, if you hold a Medicare or DVA card, your in-home consultation will be bulk billed !We believe that everyone in Mackay should have access to much needed medical assistance at any day or time and receive the treatment they need in the comfort of their own home. Whether you are living on or around Mackay, or simply visiting, one of our available doctors near you can come to treat you at your hotel or place of residence.

We are 100% Australian owned and community-minded with professional and friendly Doctors in our team ready to give you treatment when you need it most. We are also proud to provide at home medical assistance to more locations across Queensland than any other after hours service. No need to head to the Mackay Base Hospital late at night to receive treatment. Just give us a call on 13 55 66We are open 6pm to late, and on weekends and public holidays.

Booking and Consultation Times

Our after hours GP’s provide house calls and medical treatment during the following days and times:

  • Monday to Friday: 6pm to 8am (Bookings from 6pm) 
  • Saturday, from 12pm (Bookings from 12pm) 
  • Sunday, 24 hours 
  • Public holidays, 24 hours 

Why Choose House Call Doctor – Mackay

At House Call Doctor, we offer the highest professional standards and always provide quality consultations and a positive patient experience. Our aim is to always deliver positive clinical outcomes to all patients in Mackay. With highly trained Mackay based doctors on hand to treat you after hours, you can trust House Call Doctor to get you feeling better sooner.

Feel Better Sooner in Mackay

Locations We Cover in Mackay

Our medical services are available to residents in and around Mackay. Whether you are located centrally in locations such as North Mackay, Meadowlands or Andergrove, or in the outskirts of Mackay including Shoal Point, McEwens Beach or Sandiford, we can get a home doctor to you in no time.

To check if our home doctor service is available in your area, enter your postcode or suburb in the box on the top right corner of this page titled ‘find out if we service your area’. You will receive an answer instantly.

You can also get in touch with us via our call centre on 13 55 66 to confirm the locations we service.

Why You May Need to Access our Home Doctor Service

The medical service we provide is vital to the community. Especially so if you require regular medical treatment for a non-life threatening illness or injury. You can rely on our professionally trained doctors to provide regular medical treatment after hours when your GP is unavailable.

After hours when most clinics are closed, if you are feeling unwell, your only other alternative usually is to head to the emergency department at Mackay Base Hospital. If you hate being a hassle and wasting the much-needed emergency resources on a minor illness or ailment, give house call doctors a call instead to treat you in the comfort of your own home.

So whether it is a long-term health issue or a minor ailment, House Call Doctors will be able to treat you after hours when you need it.

Doctors You Can Trust

House Call Doctor is a medical deputising service with accreditation from the Federal Department of Health under the AMDS program so you can trust that the home doctor service we provide are of the highest quality.

As our after hours GP’s will be invited to your home or residence to treat you, you can trust they will always be courteous and respectful while providing you with the treatment you need correctly and efficiently. All of our Doctors are based in and around Mackay and hold full training and qualifications required to offer treatment for your illness or injury.

The Types of Conditions our House Call Doctors Treat

Our after hours GP’s provide treatment for non-life threatening conditions which are classed as category 4 or 5 conditions. The conditions our doctors can treat include:

  • Cold and Flu Symptoms
  • Trauma that may require stitches
  • General Illness
  • Minor Lacerations
  • Animal Bites
  • Severe Pain

Our doctors can also provide postoperative care including care for wounds and catheterisation where required. After your treatment is administered, our doctors also pass on any vital treatment information to your regular GP.

After hours medical services is not a new concept. This is a home doctor service that was once provided in Australia during the good old days. At House Call Doctor, we have brought this medical service back to benefit all Australians and residents of Mackay. We make the process of receiving medical treatment after hours easy and hassle free. Find out how House Call doctor can help you when you are in need of medical assistance after hours.

Bulk Billed

Receive the medical treatment you need at no cost to you. Our home doctor service is bulk billed for any DVA or Medicare card holder. Any medication provided by us during your treatment will also be offered at no cost.

Doctor to Your Door

House Call Doctor is rated by patients as a reliable, trustworthy and caring after hours service that prioritises patient care. There’s no need to put up with the hassle of looking for a clinic that is open or heading to the Mackay Base Hospital emergency department for treatment after hours when you can get a doctor to your house.

No More Hospital Waiting Rooms

Avoid waiting in the Mackay Base Hospital for treatment and call House call Doctor instead. Not only are you threatening your health as you sit in the waiting room with other sick people who are spreading germs, but you also waste your time and the emergency department’s time if your ailment is not severe. Get the treatment you need instead from House Call Doctor.

Treatment after Hours

Whenever you need treatment after hours, House Call Doctors is the only place you need to turn. If you are feeling your worst at night, on a weekend or on a public holiday when your regular GP is closed, take advantage of our home doctor service. All you need to do is relax as you wait for a Doctor to come to you.

Correct and Timely Medical Treatment

Wherever you are located in Mackay, we will get a doctor to your door within three hours of your call in most cases. As soon as your doctor arrives, you will receive the treatment you need right away as well as enough medication to get you through the night if required.

If you are unwell after hours, don’t put off treatment any longer. Book an after hours doctor in Mackay with House Call Doctor.

Call us on 13 55 66 and one of our highly trained doctors will be dispatched to your location right away. Our calls team will advise when you can expect the home doctor to arrive at your door.

A doctor will arrive with a chaperone usually within 3 hours of your call. Please note however it may take a little longer if the call is made during a peak period. Any patients with urgent needs are given priority and this often includes children or the elderly.

We will keep you informed while you wait for your doctor to arrive, making sure you are up to date on the progress of the doctor’s arrival. Our calls team will also confirm when the doctor has arrived at your premises.

Once the home doctor and chaperone have arrived at your premises, treatment will be administered immediately. You may also receive medication at no cost to you as treatment. However, it will only be enough to last you until you can receive a full prescription from your regular GP. Once your condition has been appropriately treated, a report on your treatment will be sent to your regular doctor the following business day.

For urgent medical assistance, please call emergency services on 000 if you believe your condition is deteriorating further and has become life threatening.

If you are a doctor seeking after hours work in Mackay, we have employment opportunities available for you at House Call Doctor. When you join a team of after hours doctors, you will be providing much-needed treatment to the people of Mackay.

Doctors interested in both full-time and part-time work who are willing to work after hours shifts are welcome to apply. Both international medical graduates and Australian trained doctors who currently work or have a background in State Government Health Departments or general practices can take advantage of this opportunity to become a home doctor.

Want to know of House Call Doctor is the right fit for you? Click here to learn more. To help us meet the growing demand for after hours medical services in Mackay, please apply here to join our growing team.

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The next time you are feeling unwell after hours, on weekends or during a public holiday, give us a call on 13 55 66 to get the medical treatment you need in the comfort of your own home.